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France training session prior to the HSBC SVNS at Toyota Sports Park on 28 February, 2024 in Los Angeles, United States


The HSBC Sevens Series (SVNS) 2024 is shaping up to be a monumental event in the world of international rugby sevens, especially as it marks the 20th edition to be played in the USA, with Los Angeles hosting for the seventh time.

This year, New Zealand stands as the defending champion in Los Angeles, aiming for an unprecedented third consecutive Cup title on US soil—a feat never before achieved in SVNS history. This ambition highlights the intense competition and the evolving dynamics of the series, where past champions like the USA, Fiji, and South Africa have all tasted success but also faced challenges in sustaining their dominance.

The historical context of the series reveals a pattern of fierce competition and occasional surprises, as evidenced by the four instances where the second-placed team in the pool stage went on to lift the Cup title.

Such outcomes underline the unpredictable nature of rugby sevens, where any team can defy odds and emerge victorious on their day.

Argentina, in particular, has shown remarkable consistency, reaching every Cup final since Singapore last season and aiming to extend this streak to an eighth consecutive event.

This demonstrates not only the high level of competition but also the evolving strategies and preparations of the teams involved.

The qualification scenario for the Paris 2024 Olympics adds another layer of intrigue to the series, with eight of the 12 teams competing in Vancouver already securing their spots.

This leaves the remaining teams to vie for the last qualifying spot through the World Rugby Sevens Repechage in Monaco, highlighting the competitive intensity and the global appeal of rugby sevens as a sport.

Individual performances have also been a standout feature of the series, with players like Samoa’s Mikaele Pesamino and South Africa’s Seabelo Senatla sharing the record for most individual tries in a tournament in the United States.

This showcases the exceptional talent and athleticism present in the series, contributing to its excitement and unpredictability.

Looking at the team statistics, Argentina’s current form is noteworthy. They lead the HSBC SVNS standings by 24 points following their third consecutive Cup title this season, showcasing their dominance and strategic superiority.

Their unbeaten streak of 15 games dating back to their final pool match in Cape Town underscores their consistency and resilience.

However, challenges remain, such as their performance in retaining possession from the restart and converting red zone visits into points. These aspects highlight the tactical nuances and the importance of execution in rugby sevens.

The competition among teams like Australia, Canada, Fiji, France, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Samoa, South Africa, Spain, and the USA underscores the global competitiveness of the series. Each team brings its unique strengths and strategies to the series, contributing to a rich tapestry of international rugby sevens.

Key players have also left their mark on the series, with Argentina’s Marcos Moneta leading in tries and line-breaks, showcasing his critical role in Argentina’s success. Other players like Gaston Revol and Canada’s Jack Carson have also made significant contributions to their teams, highlighting the individual talent that complements team strategies in the series.

The HSBC SVNS 2024 is more than just a tournament; it’s a showcase of international rugby sevens’ evolving dynamics, where traditional powerhouses and emerging teams compete on the global stage.

It underscores the sport’s unpredictability, the strategic depth teams and players must navigate, and the individual brilliance that can turn the tide of matches. As teams vie for glory in Los Angeles and beyond, the series continues to be a testament to the thrilling and inclusive spirit of rugby sevens.

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