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Isn’t just about Rugby:

It is a complete personal development programme

7 Reasons to go with 7 Bamboos Rugby


  • Be stimulated. No long tactics talks – we’ll kick off with a game of rugby 7s where everything happens in a  very short and intense time frame: succeed, lose, run, pass, kick, all under pressure – so they’ll learn fast
  • Discover their motivation, refine their skills and learn how to build positive relationships, whatever their personal starting point.
  • Learn how to focus, build on strengths and ignore distractions.
  • Experiment, play, practice and reflect constantly – there’s no tedious waiting around.
  • Accept responsibility for their decisions and mistakes, building the confidence to challenge us
  • Learn how to think and act like a professional athlete
  • Touchdown at the end of the programme with a tremendous sense of accomplishment

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