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Bamboos United Title

Bridging the Gap Between Germany and the UK

Project Overview

This project by 7 Bamboos RFC, has a simple mission: Bring together male and female rugby sevens players from Germany to join our club in the UK promoting friendship, skill development, and international collaboration.

Established in 2017, the project aims to:

  • Encourage and support German players to come to the UK to play rugby
  • Strengthen British-German relationships through sport
  • Support players in their personal and athletic development
  • Assist German clubs in sourcing British players (7s & 15s) to play in Germany

Project History

Our journey began in 2017 planning a tour to Germany and a joint venture with the local team Bataillon d’Amour. Since then, numerous players from Germany have come to the UK to proudly represent 7 Bamboos RFC.

A timeline of all Bamboos United events

The Stats

Stats from the Bamboos United

Wonderful Memories

Faces of Success

Many players have contributed to the success of the project in the past. Here are 6 great Bamboos who have been part of the journey

What’s planned for 2024?

In 2024, Bamboos United is set to achieve significant milestones in fostering international rugby collaboration. Our primary goals include recruiting at least two talented female and male players from Germany to join our club in the UK.

We aim to further strengthen our ties with German clubs by facilitating the exchange of UK players to contribute to their teams.To make this initiative possible, we are committed to raising a minimum of £1200 in funding. This financial support will cover the travel expenses, accommodation, and essential equipment for the players making the journey. Building on our established success, we also aspire to deepen the relationships between our UK and German players, creating a foundation for lasting friendships and sportsmanship.

Join us in making 2024 a transformative year for Bamboos United, as we continue to promote skill development, international collaboration, and the spirit of rugby.

Support the Project

Since its inception in 2018, the project has witnessed substantial success, with numerous German players proudly representing Bamboos RFC in the UK. However, the sustainability of this transformative initiative relies heavily on the support of generous individuals like you.

The Bamboos United project faces a financial challenge in bringing players from Germany to the UK, with each player’s journey costing approximately £300. This includes accommodation, catering, and essential team equipment. Without the collective support of passionate individuals, it becomes impossible to facilitate this cross-border collaboration and continue the positive impact on players’ lives.

By becoming a supporter and contributing to our fundraising efforts, you play a pivotal role in shaping the success and growth of Bamboos United. Your donation not only enables players to experience international sports collaboration but also has a profound impact on their rugby careers. It directly funds their travel, accommodation, and essential equipment, making a tangible difference in each player’s life.

Join us in creating a lasting legacy of friendship, skill development, and international sports collaboration. Support Bamboos United today and be a part of transforming lives through rugby. Your contribution is not just an investment in a project; it’s an investment in the future of passionate rugby players, fostering connections that transcend borders and cultures. Together, let’s keep the spirit of Bamboos United alive!

2 Simple Ways to Donate

A Direct Donation via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card

Donate through our GoFundMe Page

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