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The Idea

At some point in July 2012 Max Lueck recognised the following problem: On the one hand, there is a very fast-growing global game in rugby sevens but on the other hand there are hardly any organisations, which develop new blood for this sport. The identification of this simple problem led to the birth of 7 Bamboos Rugby.

The First Team

May 2013: The first ever 7 Bamboos Rugby team was formed. Ten players, two coaches, a physio, and a business coordinator were part of the squad. The first training session was in May 2013 and took place in a public park. Shortly after we managed to secure the high-standard facilities of Hartpury College as our new training base. The first tournament appearance was made at the National Pub Sevens.

International Flair

Before traveling to the National Pub Sevens, the Bamboos had the opportunity to train with an experienced international team from Germany. The session built the foundation for a close, long-term relationship with German rugby.

Raise some funding

In order to raise the necessary funding for the tournament, the team decided to go an unusual way by creating a crowdfunding campaign. The initial target was to raise £800. In return, the bidder received playing shirts, posters and the opportunity to travel with the team. In the end, the campaign exceeded all expectations as we raised £1300.

All Eyes on Bamboos

Through the Crowdfunding campaign, regular training sessions and our own tournament we got a lot of media attention. The project was featured in national and international newspapers as well as blogs. Social media, as so often these days, ensured that the Bamboos were represented all over the web.

Development First!

The focus behind the Bamboos is always on each individual’s experiences and development. Last years’ tournament was a great way to put this philosophy into practice. In 2014 we put our development philosophy to the next level with more regular training sessions, a big summer tour and a school programme.

The Partnerships

Since the tournament in Harpenden a lot has happened. Some of the highlights of 2014 were the formation of essential partnerships. Working with established rugby institutions, such as Hartpury College, Gloucester Rugby Community and the GRFU are part of a success story.

Ladies First

In 2017 we launched our first-ever ladies team. In close partnership with our main sponsor The Stable and Old Bristolians RFC we managed to offer regular training sessions in Bristol and create an exciting tournament agenda. Considering that the team played together for the first time, the girls did an amazing job. Qualifying for the regional finals of the 24/Sevens Series and making it to the final of the SW7s were among the highlights.

Bamboos United

In 2017, Bamboos United embarked on a mission to connect German and UK rugby players, fostering international camaraderie and skill development.

The project champions cultural exchange and personal growth, aiming to deepen ties with German clubs in 2024. Bamboos United symbolises a commitment to the unifying spirit of rugby, inviting global participation in this journey of friendship and sportsmanship.

Bamboos United Image

Kirwan Knows Best

And then? Well, who knows where this exciting journey will lead us to next?!

Kirwan on the future of Rugby Sevens
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