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Photo by Alex Williamson Photography

Hartpury Sevens 2024: Hartpury and Savvy Triumph in Spectacular Hartpury Sevens 2024 Event

In a dazzling showcase of rugby sevens prowess, the Alpas Arena on the Hartpury Campus in Gloucestershire played host to the highly anticipated Hartpury Sevens 2024 on May 11th.

Organised jointly by 7 Bamboos Rugby, Geltman & Co, and Hartpury Sports Academy, the event basked in glorious sunshine as it welcomed teams from across the UK and even an international side, the Jamaican development squad.

A total of 8 women’s teams and 12 men’s teams descended upon the arena, with powerhouses like Apache, Ponty Butchers, and Empire 7s gracing the men’s competition, while star-studded outfits such as Savvy Panthers and Bath Rugby showcased their talent in the women’s category.

The day kicked off with intense pool stage matches, setting the stage for what would be a gripping knockout round. In the men’s division, hosts Hartpury, South West’s Empire, Welsh giants Butchers, and Carmarthen Warriors emerged victorious to secure their spots in the Pool Semis.

Credit: Alex Williamson Photography

Meanwhile, in the plate competition, Archers and Apache emerged triumphant to advance to the final, while in the Shield, Donuts and the Black Swans displayed their dominance.

On the women’s side, Savvy Panthers and Bath Rugby triumphed in the cup semifinals, while Hartpury’s women secured the Plate trophy after a hard-fought battle against Rams 2. The Black Swans clinched the Shield, while Apache claimed victory in the Plate final.

However, the spotlight of the day belonged to the electrifying Cup finals. In a fiercely contested women’s final, Savvy Panthers emerged triumphant, showcasing their dominance in the competition.

Meanwhile, in the men’s division, Hartpury’s talented team secured their fourth consecutive title, solidifying their status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of rugby sevens.

The tournament, once again, proved to be a resounding success, capturing the essence of rugby sevens and cementing its status as a highlight in the sevens calendar.

With thrilling matches, remarkable displays of skill, and an atmosphere charged with excitement, the Hartpury Sevens 2024 left fans eagerly anticipating the next edition of this prestigious event.

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