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The Gloucestershire County Council employs over 3000 people and is based in the city of Gloucester. We have been approached by the Disabilities Commissioning Team of the Council with the aim to design and execute a couple of team-building days to support the department in working more efficiently as a team.

The Brief

The employers of the Disabilities Commissioning Team are often performing strongly as individuals, however, were eager to work better as a team. In a nutshell, the project had three aims:

– Improve team internal communication

– Learn to approach and complete given tasks more effectively in a team

– Understand the dynamics and benefits of a team environment

The 7 Bamboos Approach

7 Bamboos designed a tailored team-building programme specific to the needs of the council employees:

The theme for the activities was: Together instead of side-by-side.

We introduced and applied a specific “action model” supporting the group through enjoyable and encouraging team-building exercises which identified areas to improve and further strengthen strengths. In combination with a challenging but enjoyable hiking tour, the participants had plenty of time and room to grow together as a team.

The Results

The team days broke down boundaries and created “togetherness” within the business.

Delegates of the programme discovered and explored more about their own personalities.

All individuals were able to recognise and appreciate the diversity of other personalities.

Delegates learned new techniques to adapt, connect, and build rapport with others.



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